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Valuations & Certified Appraisals

Link Auctions offers valuations and certified appraisals across a wide range of asset categories, establishing values for assets by taking into account numerous quantitative and qualitative factors. Our appraisals are carried out by our in-house team of AMEA certified appraisers and all reports are rigorously peer-reviewed prior to delivery.


We ascertain the market value of inventory, machinery and equipment, intellectual property, and complete businesses for manufacturers and industrials. Valuations are required for many reasons including: 
Appraisals should be conducted every 1-2 years especially in volatile market conditions, we recommend conducting a physical inspection / appraisal every two years and a “desktop” valuation every year.

We manage appraisals and dispositions for some of the world’s largest industrial companies and have supported Financial Services organizations, corporations, privately owned businesses, workout organisations, bankruptcy attorneys and consultancies as well as accounting organisations.

Why Link Auctions?

Our team of accredited and experienced machinery & equipment appraisers specialize in evaluating assets & inventory across the industrial manufacturing space.

Our team has managed some of the largest plant dispositions around the world, and it would be difficult to name industrial asset classes that we have not appraised, we've worked with leaders across the following industries:
Our goal is to deliver a competitively priced and detailed appraisal on time. Our efforts are supporting by one the industry’s largest databases of values and global pricing supported by our auction platform.

We are in marketplace buying and selling everyday and maintain a true understanding of current market conditions.


With decades of collective experience, our appraisers have perfected an effective and exacting process, following a transparent and certified methodology to deliver the most rigorous valuations in industry.

We leverage reliable real-time, hard market data, accumulated through our global asset acquisition/disposition platform.
We understand current market conditions and variables across numerous industries and asset classes.

1. Identify

Identify the problem to be solved, learn about the business, the appraisal purpose, definition of value and intended uses.

2. Collect

Collect facts and data relevant to the problem. Identify each asset, classify and capture key value-drivers including specification and condition.

3. Develop

Develop and apply methodology to determine appropriate value and value drivers.

4. Value

Using the valuation approach determined in the proceeding step, research and develop an opinion of market value for the assets.

5. Review

Our in-house team of AMEA certified appraisers reviews each others work to drive debate and consistency.

6. Deliver Report

Reports are delivered on time and values are explained in a clear and transparent manner that conforms to AMEA standards. 
When proceeding with dispositions our team is able to support global auctions and private treaty sales:

7. Determine Sales Strategy

8. Set Budget

9. Execute sales processes

The Link Auctions team delivers reports to you on time, as well as providing additional oversight and advisory. Our dedicated project managers will assure that communications, process execution, and quality control are properly managed.

Next Steps

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