Link Auctions Launches a Global Auction Company

Tuesday July 6th 2021

NEW YORK, United States: The world is going through an industrial and digital transformation whilst facing continued economic uncertainty, compelling corporations to revisit their manufacturing footprints as new technology and manufacturing techniques streamline operations.  

Link Auctions introduces an auction company that levels the playing field, extending global execution capabilities in equipment appraisals, industrial auctions and asset remarketing for industrial companies and financial institutions looking to streamline, transform or lean into evolving manufacturing technologies, whilst continuing to serve traditional asset classes.

Link Auction’s President, Randy Koster said: “I am excited to join the Link Auctions team as it will allow me to better serve my clients and colleagues that I have worked with over the past 40 years, as well as new Link Auctions clients moving forward. My team that has worked with me over the years will be joining me at Link Auctions to continue to give you the same professional service you have grown accustomed to”.

Link Auctions offers sustainable benefits to both buyers and sellers, providing high quality assets to a global buyer base whilst maximizing surplus asset proceeds, leveraging a comprehensive auction platform, Link Warehouse provided by Chain AMS, ensuring end to end compliance, and streamlined processes.

Link Auctions handles all aspects of a disposition project from end to end, following a compliant process not replicated elsewhere in the market.

·      Site preparation and asset documentation

·      Valuation and cataloguing of assets to be sold

·      Marketing of the auction event or machine sale

·      Execution of the auction, managing admission and screening of individuals and organizations

·      Overseeing public inspections and viewings, adhering to leading EHS guidelines

·      Overseeing removal and collections, managing riggers, and ensuring the building is not damaged

·      Final and transparent accounting, reporting, and settlement post-sale in a timely manner

Additionally, Link Auctions will provide standalone equipment inspections and appraisal services to industrial companies, banks, and independent finance companies, from a team of accredited appraisers.

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Tom Puddifoot

Chief Digital Officer, Link Auctions


July 6, 2021