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For Immediate Sale / Make Offer Hot Gas Compressor System - GE Gas Power - Greenville, SC

December 30, 2022

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By Appointment Only

To be sold in its entirety and individual lots - whichever way brings the most is how it will be sold. Including - 2013 FIMA / Gexpro Hot Gas Compressor System Complete with 2013 FIMA Gas Compressor Skid, 2013 FIMA Gas Turbine, GE 5,000-HP Motor with Motor Starter and Switchgear, Piping, Valves, and Actuators Throughout.

Further Details

2013 Fima Compressor Model RHH1VD U 125 KBG G, except casing design pressure rating is 30 barg per 1/3, Tmeic 5000HP Dura=-Bilt5i MV Medium Voltage Inverter with 5000HP GE motor for Compressor (4)mon-Fri, eight-hour straight time may-days for startup commissioning services, GEXPO One Cataract Steel Model CS 18060F111PSS Shell & Tube Gas Turbine (78795778), Fima Compressor Electrical Cabinet (89154563), RGT Sound Enclosure Platform/Steps (95740027), Carotek 12" Tretter Line Blind, Chalmers & Kubeck Limitorque® MXa-10/STD/B4 electric actuator - 3/60/460V - 40 RPM - ANZEX IIC enclosure - 12" top 20mm bore /6mm key (86339174), Also Including All Necessary Piping, Valves, Actuators Including (240) Pipe, 1"; (380) Pipe, 2"; (400) Pipe, 10";(8) Elbow, 90 Degree Long Radius, 1" ;(12) Elbow, 90 Degree Long Radius, 2" ;(12) Elbow, 90 Degree Long Radius, 10, Pipe fittings, elbows, tees, concentric reducer, flange, RGT Program Piping, 10"-600# Vcones with calibration & NDT tests Part# VW10AF16N (316SS, 10”, CL600, Schd 80) for GE Tag #s FE 5648 (78743554), Wye section with 12" - 150# RF flange; 304 SS material (79296870), P&E group of SS 304 pipie & fittings for RGT Phase 2 in test cell 5A (81093981; 81093981), (8) Tee, Red. 3"X3" X2" Sch. 40 ASTM A-234 Grade Wpb to ANSI B16.9, Schedule 40 Carbon Steel, Butt Weld;(4) Tee, Red. 4" X4"X3" Sch. 40 ASTM A-234 Grade Wpb to ANSI B16.9, Carbon Steel, Butt Weld;(1) Tee, Red. 6"X6"X4" Sch. 40 ASTM A-234 Grade, (100) Pipe, 2" Sch. 40 ASTM A-106b Or A53b Carbon Steel Seamless Or Erw;(250) Pipe, 3" Sch. 40 ASTM A-106b Or A53b Carbon Steel Seamless Or Erw;((240)Pipe, 4" Sch. 40 ASTM A-106b Or A53b Carbon Steel Seamless Or Erw:(20)Pipe, 6" Sch., Phase 1A Insulation Phase 1B Insulation Phase 2 Insulation (P&E PART) @ 30%, (82189162), (120)PIPE, 10" SCH. 40 ASTM A-106B OR A53B CARBON STEEL SEAMLESS OR ERW (82536585), Flange, 18"-600# Wnrf, ASTM A-182 Schedule 40s 304 Stainless Steel (85711646), Flange, 12"-900# Schedule 80s Wnrf ANSI Forged 316h Stainless Steel, Raised Face, ASTM A182 (85644254), WK Hile Equipment Co. Nitrogen Flowmeter Part# VH01-Q1SN1-V0445-1-600, Flange-less wafer cone, 304 stainless, schedule 80, ANSI CL 600 centering rings, NPT pressure ports (87205683) - Located in Greenville, SC

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