Auction Event

Major Scrap Opportunity – Schenck Balancing & Ancillary Equipment

January 27, 2022

Located in Schenectady, NY - Featuring: (2) Sets of Schenck Pedestals, DH-13 & DH-90 Pedestals Only - Approximate Weight 352,600 LBS as recorded on the shipping labels, Schenck Ancillary Equipment Consisting of Hydac Pumping Skid, Complete with (3) Kracht Model KF-5/200 H10B Gear Pumps, 200V/60HZ, 12,000#, S/N: 41565 (2009) - In Storage, Hydac High Pressure Pumping Skid, Complete with (3) Siemens 42.5KW 480V/3PH/60HZ Flow Pumps, 400 Bar Max. S/N: 21-918 (2009) - In Storage, Hydac Oil Mist Eliminator, Complete with VFD Interface, Chicago Model E4 Blower, 3564 Max. RPM, S/N: 304997-2 - In Storage, Vacuum Oil Pump Skid (Crated) - In Storage, Hydac Hydraulic Skid, Complete with EDS Control, Pressurized Tank 160 Gallon Capacity, Max. Oil Pressure Generating Unit, 12.6KW Electric Motor, 460V/3PH/60HZ, S/N: 4191.2 - In Storage, Chattanooga Boiler & Tank Company 2,000 Gallon Steel Horizontal Oil Tank, with Top Mounted Manhole, Welded Carbon Steel Construction, (3) Chromalox Cat. TMIS-06-008P-E1, S/N: 2024-03 (2009) - In Storage, Chattanooga Boiler & Tank Company 10,000 Gallon Steel Horizontal Oil Tank, Top Mounted Manhole, Steel Welded Construction (9) Chromalox Cat. TMIS-06-008P-E1, S/N: 2024-01 (2009) - In Storage, (5) Puls Action Collars (Located in Schenectady) Approximate Weight 3,000 LBS Per Collar = 15,000 LBS, Approximate Weight of Schenck Ancillary Equipment 30,000 LBS., Total Weight of Pedestals, Ancilliary Equipment and Collars = 397,600 LBS


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