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Surplus to the Continuing Operations of RIVA Precision - Fine Jewelry Manufacturing Facility in Brooklyn

April 20, 2023

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After decades of providing industrial-level mass production for top U.S. jewelry brands, RIVA Precision is scaling back to focus on niche services to accommodate small- and medium-sized jewelry business. As such, RIVA is auctioning surplus machines and equipment. This auction features the best-in-class jewelry manufacturing equipment including: CNC Machines up to 9-Axes • Presses up to 500-Ton • 3D Printers • Sintering & Casting • Rolling Mills • Wire Machinery • Chain & Link Machines • Ovens & Furnaces • Finishing & Plating •Tool Room •Support Equipment • Plus Much More!

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After decades of providing industrial-level mass production for top U.S. jewelry brands, RIVA Precision is scaling back to focus on niche services to accommodate small and medium-sized jewelry business. Assuch, RIVA is auctioning surplus machines and equipment. This auction features the best-in-class, well maintained late model jewelry manufacturing equipment including:

CNC Machining
Kutez Model MT8A5 5-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center, 9-Axes Maximum Controlled,5-Axes Simultaneously Controlled, Maximum Working Area 300/200/260 MM X/Y/Z/W,140/360/180/360 Degree, 45,000 RPM Spindle Speed, HSK-E25 Spindle, 18-Positon CarouselType Tool Changer, Siemens Sinumeric OP019 CNC Controls, 40-Run Hours, S/N:1514 (2016)

HAAS Model Super Mini Mill CNC Vertical Machining Center,Travels: X-16”, Y-12”, Z-10”, 36” x 12” Slotted Table, CAT-40 Taper Spindle,10-Position ATC, Complete with HAAS Programmable Coolant, Renishaw ToolMonitor, HAAS Touch Probe, HAAS 5-C 4th Axis Indexer, Kurt 6”Machine Vise, HAAS CNC Controls, S/N: 40481 (2005)

HAAS Model Super Mini Mill CNC Vertical Machining Center,Travels: X-16”, Y-12”, Z-10”, 36” x 12” Slotted Table, CAT-40 Taper Spindle,10-Position ATC, Complete with HAAS Programmable Coolant, HAAS 5-C 4thAxis Indexer, Kurt 6” Machine Vise, HAAS CNC Controls, S/N: 34211 (2004)

Opdel Model ETNA10 Continuous Casting Furnace, Electric Induction Fired, 15-KWMaximum Power Capacity, 1,400°C Max Temp, 1050x815xh1750mm 310 Kg Overall Capacities, S/N: 1572/09 (2009)

Indutherm Model VC600 Casting Machine, 10-KW Induction Heater, 1600°CMaximum Melting Point, Graphite 245 cm3 (pc. 386/570 cm3 Crucible Capacity, S/N: 08127 (2008)

RDO Induction Model Supercast J4-R Induction Centrifuga lCasting Machine, 4-KW Induction Heater, ⌀3.0”x 3.0 Maximum Flask Size, 250g Pt, 150 g Au Maximum Crucible Capacity, 2000C° Maximum Melting Temperature, Complete with Koolant Koolers Model JT1000Chiller, S/N: 1837-007484

Rolling Mills

Nick Ferrara Sheet Rolling Mill 5” x 8”

Nick Ferrara Sheet Rolling Mill 7” x 6”

Violi Model VM AT14 Wire Rolling Mill (2015)

F.LLi Cavallin Wire Rolling Mill

Frisch Model Si-05 Power Diffusion Sintering Machine, 300-1300°CTemperature Range, 4.5-KW Induction Heater, S/N: 8203 (2018)

Wire Machinery
OroMeccanica Model SET1R.A Automatic Wire Angle Cutter, S/N: 1243 (2008)

Wire Rolling Train Machine

Violi Model TRI 102 Tube Swedger with Assorted Dies

Wire Drawing
Rossi Model RCI160P01A Chain Type Wire Drawing Machine, 25’

Chain Machines
Sisma Model SLF Chain Machine with PLC Operator Interface, S/N: OR0003575(2018)

Fasti Model RU 4MM Bead Roller, S/N: RU-022 (2014)

(2) Sisma Model SAF Chain Machine, S/N: 02025370 (2002)

KAMA Model KFP1A Chain Machine, S/N: 1680 (1989)

(3) CPP Link-N-Weld System Chain Link & Weld Machines

Luciano Egei 4MM Bead Maker, S/N: 2211 (2013)

Rotomatic Model DS2 Post Maker

Also (20) Assorted Bench Type Chain Machines

Laser Welding
(2) Laserstar Model 531-706-150-8 YAG Laser, 150 Joules, 50mS Maximum Pulse Width, 1064 Nanometers, S/N: 12091433 (2012); 07211015 (2007)  

(2) Laserstar Model 508-3780 Laser Welder, S/N: 0342123; 0522149(2005)

500-Ton Hydraulic Downacting Press 20” x 17-1/4” Bed Area

Bruderer BSTA.50 50-Ton Capacity High Speed Straight Side Stamping Press, 34” x 20” Bed Area (1983)

Nick Ferrara 50-Ton 9.25” x 20” Bed Area

MHT Model 250 HOBUA  25-Ton Hydraulic Hobbing Press, 8” Maximum Stroke, 71” OH, S/N: 2630

(2) Bruderer BSTA 18 18-Ton Capacity, 9-1/2” x 8-1/2” Bed Area, 100 SPM, 36” Stroke Height

Steel Model SPMS-40-V2 40-Ton Hydraulic Press, Complete with PLC Operator Interface, S/N: 00453 (2018)

(2) Steel Model SPM-10-V2 10-Ton Hydraulic Presses, S/N’s:00560; 00561 (2018)

Steel Model SPM-5-V2M 5-Ton Hydraulic Press, S/N: 00558(2018)

Famco No. 51A 5-Ton Mechanical Clutch OBI Press, 1-1/2” Stroke,14” x 7-1/2” Bed Area

Carboni TMS Model BT15 700KG Hammer Press, S/N: 93F (1999)

Langelier Hammer Press, 5-HP

Motorized Uncoilers

Scrap Compactor

Violi Model VMCITZ0 Hydraulic Scrap Compactor, S/N: 1406(2014)

3D Printers:
Digital Wax 029J+ Jewelry Resin 3D Printer, 150 x 150 x 100 MM Maximum Volume, 10 µm Minimum Print Thickness, capable of printing up to 10 micronresin-based layers (2017)

Envisiontec Model Aureus Plus Desktop jewelry Resin 3DPrinter, 2.36” x 1.71” x 3.15” Build Envelope,  43 µm 0.0017” XY Resolution, 25 to 35 µm 0.0010”to 0.0014” Dynamic Coxel Resolution in Z, 1400 x 1400 Pixels ProjectorResolution, 43 µm 0.0017” Native Pixel Size, Complete with Envision PerfactoryTouch Pad Controller, S/N: ET.AU.16.08.S040

Envisiontec Model Cl55S Perfactory Micro Desktop Jewelry Resin DLP 3D Printer,  4” x 3” x 4” Build Envelope, 0.006″ (150 µm) X/Y Resolution, 0.002” to 0.004” (50 μm to 100 μm)Dynamic Resolution in Z, Up to 0.79”, S/N: 15.06.MP0851

Invisiontec Model Otoflash G171 UV Resin Curing Machine,S/N: 2560

Furnaces & Ovens
G.B. F.LLI Bertoncello Model Forno A Nastro EL Master 41.109 AL Belt TypeBrazing and Annealing Furnace with Digital Temp & Process Controls, S/N:100410 (2010)

G.B. F.LLI Bertoncello Model Senior 31.109 Belt Type Brazingand Annealing Furnace, Complete with Digital Temperature Controls, S/N: 2002

23”x20”x14” ID Natural Gas Fired Investment Burnout Oven

(2) 20”x22”x20” ID Natural Gas Fired Investment Burnout Ovens

Finishing Equipment
Otec Model DF35 Drag Finisher, S/N: 35/110654 (2011)

Supramol Lecular Model PMG 130 Mechanic & Electrolytic Polishing and Finishing Machine, S/N: 00097 (2008)

Mario Di Maio Model 50.010.2 Bench Type Flat Sander, S/N:098/99 (1999)

G.B. F. LLI Bertoncello Chain Tumbler, S/N: 01225602

Manfrid Dreher Model VT5 / VT60 Barrel Type Horizontal Spinning Tumbling Machine, S/N: 5394 (1991)

Self-Contained Poly Plating System

(2) OTEC CF18 Tumbling Barrels

Assorted Poly Washout Stationss & Ultrasonic Power Supplies

Hoffman Model JEL-11Steamer (2014)


Charmilles Model Form 20 Die Sinker Type EDM, Axis X/Y-  11.8"x9.8", 9.8” Ram Travel, 400 x300mm table dimensions, S/N: 200168 (1993)

Southbend Model Nordic 15 15” x 36” Geared Head Engine Lathe, with IN/MM Threading, Thread Dial, Draw Bar, S.S. 40-2000 RPM

Bridgeport Romi Tormax 13-5 13” x 36” Geared Head Engine Lathe, IN/MM Threading, 1-1/2” Spindle Bore, 8” 3-Jaw Chuck, 350-2500 Spindle Speeds, S/N:002-083840-301 (1998)

Hardinge Model HC Chucker, 4-1/2” Crosslide Travels, 13”Spindle to Turret Face, with Draw Bar, Power Carriage, 5-C Spindle, 125-3000RPM Spindle Speeds, 8-Station Turret, S/N: HC-4266-P

Southbend Cat. CL3707D 3-1/2” Toolroom Lathe, with IN Threading, Thread Dial  

MicroKinetics CNC Express Model 999-6500-000 Bench Type CNC Mill/Drill, Complete with 8” x 29” Slotted Table, Teco Vari-Speed Drive, 2-HP,S/N: 0244

Bridgeport Series I 2-HP Vertical Mill R8 Spindle, with 9” x42” Powerfeed Table (Servo Powerfeed is Missing), Accurite 2-Axis DigitalReadout

Sharp-KF Model KVH Universal Milling Machine, R8 Spindle, with2-HP Motor, 210-3440 RPM, 9” x 42” Powerfeed Table, CAT 50 Taper Horizontal Spindle,S/N: 3837 (1980)

Kalamazoo Model 9AW 9” x 13-1/2” Horizontal Bandsaw

Quincy Model FE350 25-HP Single Stage Tank Mounted Horizontal Air Compressor, S/N: 5032486

Campbell Hausfeld Model HS538000AJ 5-HP 80-Gallon Vertical Tank Mounted Single Stage Air Compressor, L4/27/10-00004

Atlas Copco Model GA30CFF Skid Packaged Enclosed Screw Type Air Compressor (AS-IS)

Zeks Model 250HSGA500 Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer, 250SCFM, R404 Refrigerant, S/N: 271402

Smiths Detection Model HI-SCAN 6040C Tunnel Type X-Ray Machine 24.2” x 16.1”High Maximum Object Size, 0.2/0.24 M/S Conveyor Speed, 150KG Maximum WeightCapacity, 39 -40 AWG Resolution Wire Detectability, 35-37MM Penetration (Steel),100% Duty Cycle, 160KV cp Anode Voltage, Diagonal Beam Direction, Complete withFlat Panel Monitor, Controls. , S/N: 146473 (2016)

CEIA Model SMD601 Plus Metal Detector, Complete with CIA Card Reader

(3) Assorted Jewelers Safes

Torit Model DFT 4-16 Cartridge Type Dust Collector, 25-HP S/N: IG457994-001

UST Model EVR-0050-208D-120 50-KVA 3PH Power Conditioner,S/N: E20130517-1-1 (2013)

Minolta Bizhub 250 Office Printer

Vulcanizer and Mold Frames

GE Type OL 27-KVA, 60-HZ 3PH Transformer

Yasui Model D-VWI Digital Vacuum Wax Injector

Also Including: Jewelers Benches, Microscopes, Large Quantity of Buffing Motors, Die Shoes, Assorted Hand Tools, Assorted Ruesch7-Ton Kick Presses, Plus Much More!

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